Growing up I was mesmerised by the world around me dreaming up different adventures when combing through travel magazines.  Since picking up my first 35mm film camera at the age of 12 that passion for the art of photography has continued with me. I gained a greater understanding of light and dark when studying traditional Black & White darkroom imaging and printing.

I felt driven to master landscape photography, specifically long exposure techniques, to create zen like images initially. At the same time, travel is my second passion and I have been fortunate to feel the expanse, the rawness and serenity of many different lands, waters and skies across our beautiful world. Deep within me, I am an adventurer and nature feeds my soul – the energy in stillness and motion fascinates me.

By challenging traditional boundaries, intentional camera movement has captured my imagination through a kaleidoscope of colour, textures, shapes using natural light and perspective – it really provides endless possibilities.

Land, water and skies have their own personalities and capturing this raw energy from a visual standpoint adds a certain amount of permanence to what would otherwise be a brief and transient experience.

Asmita says:

‘London-born with Indian heritage, I have spent more than 30 years in corporate life leading communications globally, building narratives and storytelling. In my mind, there is a correlation between communications and photography – different perspectives, present different solutions and while one communicates through words, the other is through impactful images as it has its own story to tell.’


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